Using Selfie Lenses on Snapchat

Among the new features that were recently included on the Snapchat Application is the Selfie Lenses. This feature gives your selfie images animate reaction in relation to facial movements. This being the case, the users using this social media platform can now overlay an animated selfie on their initial selfies. The animated selfie reacts to the movements associate with facial expressions. So, how is this feature used?

  1. Open the camera mode on your Snapchat app and then touch and hold your face. Ensure that the image covers the entire face.
  2. Once the facial recognition is through, you can swipe to choose any of the displayed lenses. The lenses are added from time to time; hence you should check to see if a new one is available.
  3. After you have selected your preferred lens, you should follow the prompts given to complete the process.
  4. Now tap the capture button to take the picture.

In addition to this selfie lenses feature, having even more snapchat followers on your Snapchat account makes the social medial platform fun to use.


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