News 03:07 July 2020:

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Do you have a twitter account? If the answer is yes, great! If for any reason you still do not have one yet, then you should consider signing up one and be part of the social media experience. Well, now for those that are on twitter, you will agree with me that having many twitter followers is perhaps the best thing that could ever happen. This is because people pride themselves in having many followers becoming famous and well known. However, you will also come into an agreement with me that getting as many followers as you would desire does not come on a silver platter.

Though it does not apply to each and every person, there are those kinds of people who fancy the idea of becoming well known on twitter. Fame and popularity on twitter is best measured        by the number of twitter followers that one has. It is for this reason therefore that people have sought as many followers as possible to such an extent that some, for instance celebrities, have gone out of their way to purchase followers on twitter just to ensure their popularity is maintained at all cost. One has also to be very active by tweeting often and retweeting also so that you can actually remain relevant to you own social network.